About me

I am a final-year Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon University. BiweiMy research interests include causal discovery and inference, causality-related machine learning, and computational science. I am fortunate to work with my supervisors Prof. Kun Zhang and Prof. Clark Glymour. The causality group at CMU, which has researchers with various backgrounds and created the field of causal discovery in the late 1980s, naturally integrated into my PhD study both the methodological training for AI research and the mathematical training for its fundamental principles.

Before joining CMU, I studied in Tübingen, Germany. I got my Master’s degree in Neural Information Processing at the University of Tübingen (2012 – 2014). Later, I joined Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (Bernhard Schölkopf‘s lab), working on causal discovery (2014 – 2015).


05/2022: I will be joining UCSD as an Assistant Professor in the upcoming fall. Welcome to contact me if you are interested in causality-related research.

11/2021: Our python package for causal discovery ‘causal-learn‘ was released.

10/2021: I was named a Rising Star of the Trustworthy ML Initiative.

04/2021: I was awarded the 2021 Apple Scholars in AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML).